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  • steel 2006/2007 hase pino lowriders

    docdempster - - Pino


    pm me and I will send a picture. Mine were shop bought and adapted. should be straighforward. Have you looked at blackburn ones. Use plce respirator pouches on front and job is a good one

  • Front wheel lifting

    docdempster - - KettWiesel


    Personally a PLCE s10 respirator pouch will fit on each side of the front wheel using a simple pannier rack. They cost buttons and are waterproof. they hold on with studs that will be really hard to remove. i used them on my kett for years. I put my tools and locks, clothing and everything in these and had a lot less problems with jumping and skipping wheels and a steel frame Kett. wish i could have the same set up on my Kross...