• excellent safety and stability
  • adjustable seat height
  • easy mounting
  • suspension
  • foldable
  • e-motor option
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The LEPUS: welcome to the new generation of comfort trikes

Foldability, full-suspension, and feeling – the new LEPUS is more comfortable and practical than ever. Riding enjoyment guaranteed.

It all comes down to comfort and safetyThe LEPUS was designed for comfort, which includes remarkably easy mounting and dismounting. Just sit down on the seat from the side, then lift one leg over the front boom – which is nice and low, thanks to the small front wheel – and you’re ready to ride.

The new independent rear-wheel suspension provides even more comfort on bumpy roads. Which also increases safety. And the more comfortable you feel on your LEPUS, the more you will appreciate the freedom of independent mobility on three wheels.

The mobility pack for on-the-goPack up and go – unpack and ride off. The new LEPUS frame is even easier to fold. Just open the two quick-release levers to release the seatback and fold the seat forward. Then open the additional quick-release under the seat, pull the cord, and the whole rear portion of the trike folds down and forward. The “LEPUS pack” is only about 3’3” (1 m) long with the front wheel and fits into almost any compact car.

The concept for relaxed mobilityThe seat height, adjustable from 22½ to 25 inches (57–63 cm), gives you an excellent view of traffic, and the new, rear-suspension frame guarantees maximum stability, safety, and comfort for a relaxed, intuitive ride.

And cargo transport has never been so easy. The multifunctional ROLLER BAG (optional accessory) is now compatible with the LEPUS, giving the trike a 50- or 100-liter “trunk” that can be detached and pulled behind you like a rolling hand basket when shopping.

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Technical data and features




Regaining freedom … by LEPUS and bounds

As a surgeon, Alfred Lang was used to making split-second decisions. But the dyed-in-the-wool Bavarian is also a man of action in everyday life –
a fact that he is both aware and proud of. And that didn’t change after losing his legs. Especially with respect to his mobility.

“Standing all day in the operating room – that was never difficult at all!” The 67-year-old told us about his former profession when we visited him in the community of Nauheim in southern Hesse, Germany. “But all the paperwork…!”


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