• Recumbent-upright combination makes communication easy
  • Unrestricted view for both riders
  • Freewheel in front – ideal for families and special needs
  • Excellent maneuverability thanks to short wheelbase
  • Suspension
  • Two-part frame
  • E-motor
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PINO STEPS with Shimano motor: as versatile as a whole fleet of vehicles

Cargo bike, family taxi, tandem: with too much CO2 in our atmosphere and not enough parking spots in our neighborhoods, the PINO STEPS is the perfect e-vehicle for the city.

Semi-recumbent tandem as smart bike for the cityHow can the groceries get home, the family get to the garden, or the couple get to their favorite picnic spot? On the PINO STEPS, of course! The e-tandem from Hase Bikes takes you quickly from A to B in an environmentally friendly way, and lets you easily bring along all kinds of cargo. Or your favorite co-pilot.

The powerful mid-motor from Shimano can be switched on with the touch of a button when the hill’s too steep, or the will too weak. The battery has a capacity of 418 watts and can be charged in 4 hours.

PINO as cargo bike: let the good times roll!The colorful City Bag brightens up the concrete jungle and swallows up your load, transforming the Pino into a cargo bike with an attitude. The City Bag slides over the backrest of the recumbent seat and hooks onto the frame in front. Up to 80 liters of cargo can be packed away in this attractive, sturdy, and waterproof “trunk.”

The robust Porter Rack below the bag is a foldable luggage carrier that doubles as a sturdy two-legged kickstand, adding even more load-carrying capacity: e.g. for that case of ginger beer or an XXL watermelon for the neighbors’ shindig.

PINO as family taxi: I’m front and center!It’s also fine for kids to ride in a wooden crate, either alone or sandwiched between the organic leeks and baguettes. But as we see it: kids aren’t cargo. And they have much more energy to burn than a loaf of bread. That’s why the PINO keeps kids and cargo separate and offers a Children’s Crankset that turns petite passengers from 3’3” (100 cm) in height into active co-pilots – attracting envious stares from their trailer-bound peers.

After burning up all that energy, your tired stoker might just need a little nap. Which is fine, thanks to the freewheel and three-point harness. After all, Daddy has the Shimano motor as a backup, just in case he can’t handle the pedaling on his own.

A PINO built for two: Daisy, Daisy…The old-fashioned “bicycle built for two” was never as romantic as it sounded in the songs. How could poor “Daisy” give her answer while staring at the back of her beloved’s head and trying to keep pace with the pedaling? Thanks to the two different seat heights on the PINO, the stoker in the front recumbent seat can share the beautiful view – and pleasant conversations – with the captain.

No road is too long when you share the experience. The Shimano will help you get there, and the Rack Bag under the recumbent seat lets you bring along all the provisions you need!

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Technical data and features




Big-city PINO

The PINO STEPS is the perfect e-bike for the city. This is the feedback we’re getting from our urbanite PINO enthusiasts around the world. The photos for our catalog were taken in Hamburg, the beautiful city-state on the Alster river.

Nature-lover PINO

The PINO STEPS is also perfect for an outing in the countryside, like a super-cool father-son trip with tent, fishing rod, and campfire. Fun and adventure to the power of two!


Until 2013, the PINO model “PORTER” was still being sold as the cargo bike of tandems. The ingenious Porter Rack and Porter Bag are (luckily!) still available, and in this video, Julian from Hase Bikes demonstrates how they can be used for transporting 2 crates and a large load of groceries.

Silent film starring the PINO PORTER

Here is the old PORTER how-to video. It might look a little “old school,” but it’s still pretty impressive too see how much the PINO can carry with the right accessories.


Practical STEPS for more mobility

Few people have known the PINO for as long as bike dealer Monika Schwarz. As a HASE BIKES partner for the past 20 years, she has followed the ­development of the tandem from the very beginning and has been riding her own for many years. We asked her to test-ride the new PINO STEPS for us.

Who better to test our PINO STEPS prototypes than experienced bike dealer Monika Schwarz? The 46-year-old has always had a passion for anything with wheels and pedals – including adaptive cycles for special needs riders. She even worked in our manufacturing facility for several years.


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