• recumbent-upright combination makes communication easy
  • good visibility for both riders
  • freewheel: ideal for families and riders with disabilities
  • excellent maneuverability thanks to short wheelbase
  • suspension
  • two-part frame
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The for-anything-and-anytime bike:
be it tandem, family taxi, or cargo bike

The PINO ALLROUND is the perfect bike for cycling duos – and for anything you need to carry from A to B.

The tandem: comfort and fun for cycling duosAs a tandem, the PINO offers unprecedented comfort and an exhilarating ride. With its short wheelbase, it is almost as maneuverable as a single-seater. Furthermore, the positions of the recumbent seat and saddle allow for a stronger sense of shared experience, because the riders can communicate effortlessly without having to raise their voices. Furthermore, both riders can enjoy an unrestricted, panoramic view, and there is plenty of space for carrying luggage.

The family taxi: Children’s Crankset mounted in a flashThe PINO can also be converted to accommodate younger riders in the front seat, making it the perfect family taxi. All you need is the Children’s Crankset, which can be mounted to the PINO’s front boom in less than two minutes. This accessory also makes it possible to use the PINO as a parent-child touring tandem. And pedaling breaks are no problem at all: the front rider has a freewheel.

The cargo bike: carry home your weekly shopping with the PORTER BAG and RACKConverting the tandem to a cargo bike is a piece of cake. With a capacity of 80 to 120 liters, the PORTER BAG on the front seat can even handle a week’s worth of groceries. When not in use, it can be quickly and easily folded up and stowed behind the seatback.

The PORTER RACK, which is mounted under the seat, has a similar cargo capacity. And its low center of gravity guarantees extremely safe and stable handling, even when the bike is fully loaded. The additional RACK BAG keeps the cargo dry. As a special feature of the cargo set: the PORTER Kickstand provides rock-solid stability when the PINO is parked.

Easy transport thanks to two-part frameIt only takes a few short minutes to open the PINO’s frame joint. Then the two frame halves will fit into practically any compact car. And once you’ve reached your destination, the tandem can be reassembled in a flash.

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Technical data and features




A double dose of iron

Nicholas Garwood is a 15-year-old South African who happens to have cerebral palsy with spasticity. And a dad whose favorite pastime is ­competing in triathlons – especially the Ironman – with his son on the PINO. We met with Team Garwood at Ironman South Africa 2014.

Nikki sits on the front seat of the PINO, his Team-Garwood jersey flapping in the wind. He smiles and gestures with excitement, shouting, “Go, Dad, go!” Anyone who gets to know Nikki – as we did during our visit to South Africa – can’t help noticing how boundless his energy is. And how much motivation someone like him can bring to a team.


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