• very agile, smooth-riding
  • excellent safety and stability thanks to low center of gravity
  • space-saving when parked on end
  • usable in tandem and as a trailer
  • e-motor option
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KETTWIESEL ALLROUND – engineered for cornering fun

The one-of-a-kind “KETTWIESEL feeling” comes from its go-kart agility and tight turning circle.

The entry-level model for the HASE fun class and the chassis for many adaptive trikesThe KETTWIESEL ALLROUND lets you experience all the perks and practicality of triking. With its unrivaled cornering stability, high level of safety, and exceptional comfort, the KETTWIESEL offers unparalleled riding fun. And: at stoplights and during breaks, you can relax in your seat while other cyclists dismount.

It’s easy to understand why the spirited roadster is also the perfect chassis for many of our adaptive vehicles and handbikes. The KETTWIESEL was designed to offer an ideal blend of ergonomics, sportiness, and unlimited versatility.

Perfect adaptability to the rider’s height and weightThe under-seat handlebars of the KETTWIESEL complement its ergonomics. By loosening an Allen bolt, the angle and lateral positioning of each handlebar can be precisely adjusted to the rider and sitting position.

Thanks to the quick-adjust frame, the front boom can be easily and accurately repositioned to suit the rider’s leg length without having to shorten or lengthen the chain. The length-adjustment markings make it easy to remember length settings when switching between various riders.

Any sitting position is possibleThanks to the handy quick-release levers, adjusting the angle of the seatback is child’s play. Choose any sitting position: from laid-back and sporty to upright. For transport, just release the seatback to make the trike flat for easy stowing.

Easy wheel removal with QUICKSTICK hubsIf you need to take off the wheels for storing or transporting the KETTWIESEL, then simply loosen the bolt on each QUICKSTICK hub – and they’re off!

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Technical data and features




Two-man trips on trikes

When not working at his specialty plant nursery in Frankfurt, ­Wolfgang ­Krämer can be found on the trails with his son, rolling at a relaxed pace through the ­wooded parks of his region, enjoying the “beach-chair ­feeling” in his KETTWIESEL – and of course the fact that his son Alexander is having so much fun on the trike beside his.

It’s the sauce that makes all the difference: no one knows that better than Wolfgang Krämer. He runs a nursery in Frankfurt-Oberrad, selling one main product: a special mix of fresh herbs for making traditional Frankfurt-style green sauce (Grüne Soße).


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