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New Trikes and Lots of Practical Stuff

We’ve had a busy year! For the 2018 season, we’re proud to present our new TRIGO series: two trikes for everyday and recreational use. The TRIGO and TRIGO UP are so flexible that even we are sometimes amazed – both can also be quickly and easily converted to e-trikes by retrofitting a mid-motor. We’ve also redesigned our Foldable Fairing: the new version is even more robust and has an integrated Smartphone Mount. And if that weren’t enough: there are lots of other new accessories, like the special Frame Lock for HASE BIKES trikes and the Parking Stand, which makes upright parking possible for our trikes with rear suspension.


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    The flexibility of the TRIGO is second to none. The length and seat height can be extensively adjusted without tools. And to ensure that every rider can enjoy the perfect hand position for steering, braking, and shifting, the TRIGO also features adjustable handlebar grips. The 24-speed drivetrain provides the right gear for any terrain, and the low center of gravity guarantees superb stability in the curves. A generous range of accessories makes the trike adaptable to many different uses.
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    The TRIGO UP is also flexible. With above-seat instead of under-seat steering, it is just as easy to adjust as the TRIGO. With the above-seat handlebars and the low position of the bottom bracket, the pedaling and steering dynamics are reminiscent of a standard upright bike.
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    PINO Drivetrain

    Starting in 2018, the PINO can be equipped with an optional 22-speed drivetrain and the PINO STEPS with an 11-speed drivetrain.
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    Shimano Steps Mid-Motor

    The TRIGO and TRIGO UP can be retrofitted with the Shimano Steps mid-motor in practically no time at all. A few easy steps is all it takes for conversion to an e-trike.
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    Redesigned Foldable Fairing

    The new HASE BIKES Foldable Fairing has an improved design and even more functionality. This multi-talented accessory still offers the same reliable protection from cloudbursts, but now features extreme stability in cross winds and the option of adding a Universal Smartphone Mount. Thanks to the new design, its length and height are now extremely easy to adjust.
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    Basket Mount

    The Basket Mount for the TRIGO and TRIGO UP is compatible with various standard systems, like the "Baskit" from Racktime.
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    Switchable Fixed/Free Hub

    With a fixed gear hub, the pedals remain in motion as long as the trike is moving. This option can be helpful for physiotherapy patients and people with physical limitations. When used on a trike that is being pulled as a trailer, the fixed hub keeps the pedals in motion (with a friction clutch). The new version can be switched from fixed gear to freewheel and back again with no tools.
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    Top-Seller Model KW Cross Steps

    The KETTWIESEL CROSS Steps is our new top-seller model for off-road fans. It comes equipped with not only full suspension but also the Shimano Steps mid-motor. The frame is foldable and can be easily adjusted to the leg lengths of different riders with the frame-quick-adjust assembly.
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    Parking Stand

    The new Parking Stand stabilizes trikes with suspension when parking and makes it possible to park them upright (with the front wheel in the air).
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    The professional, 53-inch (135cm) aluminum Workstand is ideal for use with our trikes - as well as trikes from other manufacturers. It makes it easy for a single person to lift a trike onto the stand and can be folded for storage in a mere seconds.
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    HASE BIKES is now offering its own TRACKCHECKER for aligning trike wheels. This ingenious gauge makes it easy to check and adjust tracking (toe in/toe out). It can be used for nearly all types of rims.
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    Safety Cover

    HASE BIKES has developed a special safety cover that prevents riders from coming in contact with the wheels or brake discs. The covers are included with every Trix and Trets as standard features.
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    Frame Lock

    As a secure option for locking any of its trike models, HASE BIKES is offering a Frame Lock from AXA with a special HASE BIKES mount. It comes equipped with an extra steel cable for securing the rest of the frame.

Comfy seat and user-friendly safety

For 2017, Marec Hase and his team of designers not only developed a new top-seller model, but also (re-)designed several features and accessories related to seating and safety. We are quite proud of our new Harness System for trikes. It can also be used with our new XXL Seat for big and tall riders.

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    Kettwiesel Evo Steps

    Fresh impetus for evolution: Motor power with automatic shifting! Evolution never stops - at least not with the KETTWIESEL. We've made it even more comfortable? without sacrificing an ounce of riding fun or agility.
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    Harness System

    Our newly developed Harness System with integrated child-proof buckle guard is not only user-friendly, but also versatile: it can be used as a combined lap and shoulder restraint or as a 5-point harness with an additional strap between the legs. Even more comfort can be added with the optional pads.
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    Tandem Coupling

    With the Tandem Coupling, you can link two trikes to make a tandem. Just mount the coupling to the towing trike, remove the front wheel of the second trike, and attach the fork dropouts to the Coupling.
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    Weber hitch adapter

    With the new Weber hitch adapter, you can even pull trailers that have a standard draw bar.
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    Special Pedals

    We designed our new Special Pedals in cooperation with Georg Busch from the company Ergodynamik Busch. They are much more adjustable to individual needs than other models: for starters, they fit an impressive range of shoe sizes, from US kids' 1/UK kids' 13 / EU 32 to US men's 16 /UK 15.5 / EU 52. And the angle to the direction of travel can also be adjusted over a very wide range. Once all adjustments have been made, the straps can be easily fastened and released with one hand. The foot is held comfortably and securely in the proper position.
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    Calf Support

    The Calf Support was redesigned for use with the new Special Pedals. Its unique and ingenious structure provides firm support for the leg but enables the ankle to flex naturally, allowing for a circular pedaling motion. This freedom of movement - made possible by an adjustable elastomer spring - is important because, when a joint is immobilized, the muscles atrophy.
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    Push Bar

    Our new, sturdy Push Bar is the ideal solution for riders who need a little push to get their trike moving, or even assistance for the entire ride. It is mounted to the tubes of the seat frame and has ergonomic grips that prevent hand and wrist strain.
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    Seat XXL

    The new HASE BIKES seat is also available in XXL. In addition to its extensive adjustability, the seat has 2 ¾ extra inches (7 cm) of space to comfortably accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes
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    Seat Extension

    More than just adjustable: with the optional extensions for The seat bottom, the surface area is increased, meaning that pressure is even better distributed. For people with disabilities or tall riders.

More comfort – and even more versatility!

Here, you can learn about the latest innovative products and features developed by Marec Hase and his design team. Our development work in 2016 focused on updating the designs and features of our trikes and integrating the Shimano STEPS mid-drive system into the PINO frame. The aim was to add even more comfort and versatility to our time-tested specialized vehicles. To accomplish this, Marec Hase and his team showed off their creative engineering skills, this time even at the component-design level.

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    City Bag

    The new City Bag is an eye-pleasing highlight for our versatile tandem. Its design is extremely practical. Click, clack, and the cover is open - or closed again - with a single hand. Three self-locking magnetic fasteners hold it in place. The well-fitting cover ensures that everything inside stays clean and dry. The outer material is highly durable and tear-resistant.The City Bag boasts a carrying capacity of 80 Liters.
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    The Shimano Steps offers everything you'd expectfrom a modern pedelec system. What convinced uswas the fact that the motor runs smoother thanany other system on the market and could be integratedseamlessly into the design of the Pinoframe. It kicks in when you start pedaling, cuts off at15 mph (25 km/h), and adds just the right amountof power - everything feels responsive and intuitive.The 50 Nm of torque pull you up any hill andtake the sweat out of cargo transport. For the PinoSteps, we developed a special frame with a new,sophisticated design, which is why you have tochoose between the Steps and the Allroundwhen purchasing a Pino: the mid-drive system cannotbe retrofitted to the Allround frame.However, the tried-and-tested front motor is stillavailable as an option.
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    Shimano Steps e-motor

    The new 250 W e-motor with a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) harmonizes perfectly with your pedal power. Advantage over front motors: significantly more traction on the drive wheel.
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    Rain cover

    It keeps the seat dry in the rain. Or it can also be used for covering a seat that has become wet so that the rider's back and legs stay warm and dry. The cover does more than just protect from rain and moisture: it fits perfectly to the seat contours and has a slip-resistant surface to keep the rider in the seat if used as a cover when riding.
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    Foldable frame

    The frame can be quickly and easily folded by opening a joint behind the seat mount. Just fold the seat forward and release the hinged folding joint by pulling a cord. When the joint is open, the rear portion of the trike folds beneath the front.The resulting "trike pack" is approx. 3'3"(1 m) long - depending on the length-adjustment of the front boom - and a little higher than the tires. This means that it will fit into practically any compact hatchback and can be taken with you everywhere for touring and city holidays.
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    HASE BIKES LINEAR speed system

    Standard derailleur gears can limit the ground clearance on trikes. This is what motivated HASE BIKES to develop its own derailleur system: the HASE BIKES Linear 9- (or 11-) speed system features, as its name suggests, a linear design and requires so little space beneath the cogs that the trike can even be equipped with the new 11-speed cassette. The components of the derailleur arm are made from top-quality CNC-machined aluminum, guaranteeing precision, as well as the ruggedness required for off-road use.
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    Independent rear-wheel suspension

    KETTWIESEL with full-suspension: The independent rear-wheel suspension developed especially for the trike guarantees maximum comfort. And by adding a sway bar, adopted from the field of automotive engineering, designers were able to ensure that no sacrifices were made in terms of agility and riding safety. Tests on downhill trails have proven how well-balanced the chassis is: the performance - e.g. impressive cornering stability, good shock absorption thanks to adjustable suspension, and exhilarating ride - speaks for itself.
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    TRIKE frame

    For the 2016 model year, we are using the same chassis for all Kettwiesel and Lepus models.

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