• very agile, smooth-riding
  • excellent safety and stability thanks to low center of gravity
  • full suspension
  • usable in tandem and as a trailer
  • e-motor option
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The KETTWIESEL CROSS is the trike for offroad fun

Fat, knobby tires and ample travel: the offroad cousin of the KETTWIESEL is bringing the adrenaline of mountain-biking to the trike world.

Sporty chassis, long-travel suspension, maximum safetyThe KETTWIESEL CROSS has an extremely sporty chassis with long-travel independent wheel suspension. These features make it the perfect vehicle for tricks and maneuvers – or for power-sliding into hairpin curves. Engineered for outstanding safety, the KETTWIESEL CROSS can do what others can’t.

Thanks to the standard Differential, both rear wheels are driven. And with most of the weight on the rear axle, the CROSS will make it up any hill. This means: no more problems with the driven wheel spinning out in gravel or mud. The ergonomic seat helps you put full power to the pedals. And the exhilarating performance is something you just have to experience for yourself.

Special applications call for special innovationsUntil recently, the use of derailleur gears on trikes with full suspension was fraught with problems because standard, low-hanging derailleur cages can hit the ground when the suspension compresses. This is why we decided to develop our own derailleur system. It features a linear design with much more ground clearance and offers an incredibly wide range of gears. Furthermore, the precision derailleur system, made from CNC-machined aluminum, is very forgiving of shifting mistakes.

Foldable frame for easy transportThanks to the new foldable frame, transporting the KETTWIESEL CROSS is a snap. Just open the two quick-release levers to release the seatback and fold the seat forward. Then, open another quick-release behind the seat, pull up on the cord, and – presto! – the rear portion folds down and forward. The folded trike has a maximum length of 3’2” (96 cm). Small enough to fit into practically any hatchback.

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Technical data and features




The CROSS challenge

Mobility has always been an important topic for him: Gunther Belitz knows about special needs and adaptive bikes – also from personal experience. As an athlete, he loves challenges. This time, the challenge was: conquering the Winterberg bike park on a KETTWIESEL CROSS.

Forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit (9°C), heavy rain, cold wind: this is the town of Winterberg in Germany’s Sauerland region on a Saturday in early June. “When we first arrived and I saw the steep, muddy course from up top – well, it was pretty intimidating,” admitted Gunther Belitz frankly.


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