• very agile, smooth-riding
  • excellent safety and stability thanks to low center of gravity
  • ergonomically designed for kids
  • ideal as adaptive trike
  • e-motor option
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The TRIX is a cool and fun piece of sports equipment for young riders

Kids with disabilities also need cool sports equipment that’s fun to use. The TRIX can support young people in their development and offer a fun option for physical exercise.

Fully integrated, incredibly nimble, and safeThe TRIX is a trike for young people with disabilities or recovering from injury. It is intuitive to ride and boasts extremely smooth handling. The brakes, like all components, are state of the art, and the stability is in a league of its own.

But perhaps most importantly, the TRIX is wonderfully agile and loads of fun to ride!
It also looks nothing like a standard special-needs trike. Because motivation is fueled by fun… and being at the helm of a cool vehicle can make kids feel like they’re on top of the world. The bold yellow frame and stylish spoke covers are a big hit with teen trikers.

Designed – and engineered – for young peopleAll technical features have been carefully chosen. For example, the trike is easy to adjust to riders of different heights. Thanks to its quick-adjust frame, the length can be adjusted without having to shorten or lengthen the chain.

Anyone between 4’1” to 6’3” (1.25–1.90 m) in height can ride the TRIX. The Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps also feature special heel straps that prevent the rider’s feet from slipping off. The brake levers feature a shorter reach for riders with smaller hands. But that doesn’t mean any less braking strength: The disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and precise modulation. And when the action stops, a flip of a lever is all it takes to set the parking brake.

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When Samuel comes zooming around the corner on his trike, people can’t help but stop and smile. And the biggest smiles of all are on his parents’ faces. The young teenager is a true ray of sunshine – and, thanks to his TRIX, mobility is fun again.

Beyond a field of head-high crops, the sound of a motor can be heard. But not a real one: a child is going vroom, vroom, vrooommm! Then a boy comes barreling around the corner on a trike, screaming with delight. Vroom. Followed by a small cloud of dust, which has barely settled by the time he’s out of sight again.


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