• exceptional safety and stability
  • ideal for children with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, or with restricted movement, e.g. associated with spasticity, paraplegia, or dysmelia
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Playful mobility for children with special needs

With the TRETS REH, your child can take part in recreational activities with the family and discover new ways of being physically active.

TRETS REH with medical-aid number (in Germany)The REH is the VIP edition of our trike for kids with special needs and even has a medical-aid number (in Germany). It offers a very high level of safety and is ideally suited for children with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Young people with restricted movement, e.g. associated with spasticity, paraplegia, or dysmelia, can also use the TRETS REH.

With specialized accessories and optional features, most of which were designed by HASE BIKES, the TRETS REH can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the young rider: from special pedals to “fixed wheel” drive (i.e. no freewheel), and so much more.

Helpful accessories: the Guide Bar and Holder for Walking SticksThe optional Guide Bar is a helpful aid for tired or inexperienced TRETS riders. This accessory lets you steer the TRETS for your child and turn over the controls whenever the little pilot is ready to ride solo.

The special Holder for Walking Sticks makes it possible to take along the child’s crutches or walking sticks. Just place them in the holder and close the clamp. Mountable at various positions on the trike. Fits tubes ⅝”–2⅜” (15–60mm) in diameter.

Special Children’s Pedals, Pendulum Pedals, and Crank ShortenersThe feet of children with motor disorders can be strapped securely into the Special Children’s Pedals, stabilizing them in an anatomically correct position. And they are even easy to use.

Pendulum Pedals can help children with severely limited mobility slowly regain flexibility and strength. The trick: pedaling is possible with very little knee bend. Adjustable to allow for more movement as leg strength returns: beneficial training effect.

For children with legs of different lengths or restrictions in leg mobility, Crank Shorteners can be mounted to adjust the pedals to any radius. This makes it possible to optimize rehabilitative training or allow the crank length to grow with your child.

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Technical data and features




Learning to walk … by trike

Sarah is fun loving and bright eyed, and on her trike, she really comes to life. On three wheels, she experiences freedom … and is proud that she can ride and steer all by herself. But just as importantly: her TRETS is also helping her develop strength in her growing legs.

“Yahooo!” She cheers and laughs as she cruises around on her trike: now that she owns a TRETS, eight-year-old Sarah Noack wants to go cycling with her parents and twin sister every day – and in any weather.


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