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    Hase provided new traits for 2010 in two press releases and though this took place back in late October, I did now not examine an awful lot approximately it. As I count on that one ore the opposite of my readers may additionally no longer have heard of it, I summed up each product to a put up here. The Kettwiesel, Hase’s well known delta-trike, received new hubs which could, in line with Hase, be removed in a couple of seconds. Hase’s half of-recumbent-half of-upright tandem Pino is to be had as a pedelec now.If you want the Kettwiesel-trike however you observed it too complex to move it in your car or you probably did now not realize the way to save it, Hase found a solution for you now. They developed new hubs for the rear wheels. I did no longer see them stay yet, but it seems as though six bolts on a wheel service which also hold the brake disc, join into the hub. All that is fixed with a valuable screw, grew to become with an allen key. at the pics all this appears very solid, but, it's far a proprietary machine of path. so that you are genuinely sure to their hubs.

    The Pino is now to be had as a pedelec. this means that it's far equipped with a 250W electrical motor within the front hub which supports the drivers as much as 25km/h. as a result, at the least in Germany, no unique registration is vital. The 10Ah accumulator is hooked up releasably on the service and it takes 4.5h to load it. Alltogether the system effects in an extra weight of 7kg.

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