Mobility is one thing. Being able to get everywhere you need to go and have fun on the way is another. This is what differentiates HASE BIKES HANDBIKEs from wheelchairs with attachable handcycles. And our HANDBIKEs offer practically all the same qualities as their sister models KETTWIESEL, LEPUS and PINO: comfort, maneuverability, and safety, along with mobility at reasonable speeds. After all, being there is what counts.

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But trike genes give the HANDBIKE a whole lot more: for example, an ingenious geometry and countless sophisticated details, like the handcrank assembly, which can be folded forward for especially easy mounting and dismounting.

Or the Schlumpf internally geared crankset, which transforms the nine-speed Shimano gear system into a transmission with 18 gears, making the mountains “barrier-free”. Or choose the 14-speed universal shifting whiz Rohloff Speedhub. For braking, the ­powerful hydraulic Tektro disc brakes get the job done. And of course, even when changing gears, both hands stay where they belong: firmly on the handles.


It’s the taking part that matters. Regardless of “ability.”

The Free Handi’se Trophy is the Tour de France for team players. Competitors race 500 miles (800 km) through France on tandem trikes and canoes; in 2013, the strenuous and exciting course stretched from Lyon to Paris. Fifty-two men and women, with and without disabilities, ­demonstrated the power of teamwork. Jean-Philippe Maffioletti competed in 2012, returning to support the 2013 tour as a volunteer. And fan.

Jean-Philippe Maffioletti sits on a HANDBIKE, grinning from ear to ear. The peloton of Trophy participants is shooting past. More than a dozen tandem trikes blaze around the curve. “They’re strong!” says the Frenchman in awe. And he should know: for the inaugural race last year, he was a competitor.





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