Playgrounds always have a fence or a wall. The TRETS has no such borders: and children of all ages are welcome. With the infant carrier, even the tiniest passengers can sit safely in the TRETS Jogger, Buggy, or Trailer. Later, from a height of about 3’3” (100 cm), they can pedal along – or even zoom around the block on their own three wheels. And the fun goes on until about 4’11” (1.50 m).

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But with truly functional versatility, it all comes down to details. Like adaptability: the handlebar length can be adjusted to the arms of the young pilot, and in the Buggy or Jogger version, it doubles as a push bar with fully functional brakes.

Or transportability: just pop off the front wheel and steering column, fold down the seatback – and the TRETS fits easily into any trunk. Because you’ll never want to leave the trike at home!

And usability: young TRETS pilots shift like the pros. The gear system – either 7-speed SRAM derailleur or 8-speed gear hub – turns the trike into a turbo, and the twist shifter makes shifting as easy as do-re-mi.

And most importantly: whether hitched or freestyle, the TRETS’ low center of gravity and ingenious geometry make it so safe to ride that every young adventurer will feel secure on the adjustable mesh seat.

The special model TRETS REH supports children with disabilities or in rehabilitation. Furthermore it’s now officially recognized as a medical aid in Germany, which makes it more affordable for parents.


Developmental turbo boost
on three wheels

Doctors have known for years: cycling is excellent for a child’s development. Both motor and mental skills are trained, or at least stimulated. And the right vehicle can even open up whole new worlds. As Konrad’s smile will tell you.

Konrad Ulbrich is riding his TRETS with gusto! Confidently, he zooms past pedestrians and our photo team in the market square – full throttle but always navigating with great care. It’s obvious he’s got his vehicle under control. But this is a recent development.









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