Part recumbent, part upright tandem, and now a part-time cargo bike to boot. An unbeatable concept: the PINO is truly the most versatile human-powered vehicle for cycling duos or anyone who – with the new PINO PORTER option – would like to manage all their daily shopping and transport by bike.

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The captain in the second row has the same unhindered view as the stoker; and the tandem is incredibly adjustable, making it possible for passengers who (still) can’t pedal to ride in the comfortable front seat: for example, children from 3’3” (100 cm) in height (with optional Children’s Crankset) or people with special needs.

And in the front row, you’ll feel like a VIP guest as you lean back and roll into the panoramic horizon, floating comfortably on the suspension fork; thanks to the second freewheel, you can even take a break and let the captain pedal alone for a while.

The nimble tandem can also be taken practically anywhere, because the PINO frame – in any version – can be quickly and easily broken down into two frame halves. The tandem’s ultra-stiff tube joint is extremely heavy duty.

On the tandem version, the Luggage Rack and optional Lowrider carry supplies for the whole family – and the hydraulic disc brakes ensure that everything stays safe and under control when the going gets … speedy. And, with the versatile PINO, this is sure to happen often – be it with freight or a date …


For the love of the load!

“Does it work as well in real life as in theory?” Julian Grenz is an assembler at HASE BIKES. With pretty exacting standards. One of the products he builds – with a passion for detail – is the new PINO PORTER: our multifunctional tandem that now offers more mobility because it can even haul a week’s worth of groceries or beverage crates for party night. But can it really do the things Julian builds it to do? He puts it to the test.

Julian, 26, lives in Bergkamen in the Ruhr region. When it comes to cycling and bikes, he really knows his stuff. Since his 14th birthday, he’s competed in “pretty much every downhill race in ­Germany,” he explains, motioning to his personal machine parked in front of his house: a monster mountain bike with a beefy suspension fork that tells you at a glance it means business.









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