Here you can find instruction manuals for our older models.


KETTWIESEL Manual, Version from 08/2014 (PDF) Kettwiesel Manual, Version 6/2013 (PDF) Kettwiesel Handbike Manual, Version 3/2012 (PDF) Kettwiesel Manual with Quick Stick Hubs and Differential 09, Version 4/2010 - 9/2010 (PDF 2,0MB) Kettwiesel Manual with Universal Hubs and Differential 09, Version 6/2009 - 12/2009 (PDF 2,3MB) Kettwiesel Manual up to 5/2009 (PDF 1,9MB) Kettwiesel Steel Manual up to 01/2006 (PDF 724KB) Kettwiesel Trailer-Conversion Manual (PDF 1,6MB) Kettwiesel Streamer Manual (PDF 392KB) Kettwiesel Handbike Short Manual, Manual 1/2009 (PDF 1,9MB)


Lepus Manual, Version 05.2013 (PDF) Lepus Manual up to 08/2005 (PDF 904KB) Lepus Manual from 09/2005 onwards (PDF 10MB)


Pino Manual, Version 12/2014 Pino Manual, Version 10/2010 (PDF) Pino Manual, Version 11/2009 (PDF 2,1MB) Pino Ergo Riserbars Manaual (PDF 352KB) Pino Freewheel Adjustment Manual, Version 3/2004 (PDF 132KB) Pino Children’s Crankset Manual (PDF 1,3MB) Lowrider and Double Kick Stand Manual for Pino steel models (PDF 677KB)


Trets Manual, Version 6/2013 (PDF) Trets Steel Manual up to 08/2007 (PDF 404KB) Trets Manual, Version 1/2009 (PDF 2,6MB) Trets Manual, Version 8/2009 (PDF 1,7MB)


Trix Manual, Version 6/2010 (PDF 3,4MB)


Foldable Fairing for Kettwiesel, Klimax, Pino, Lepus and Trix Manual, Version 6/2011 (PDF 2,3MB) Universal Coupling for Kettwiesel Manual, Version 4/2010 (PDF 900KB)

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